10 Minute Bikini Body Workouts

10 Minute Bikini Body Workouts

34 Episodes

It's never too late to start working on your bikini body!
These quick high intensity workouts are perfect for those of you with little time, and the metabolism boosting exercises will still have you burning calories for 24-36 hours after the workout. This series is the ultimate weight loss blast!

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10 Minute Bikini Body Workouts
  • Welcome to My 30-Day Program

    Episode 1

    In this short introductory video Hannah shares some tips and tricks to help you get started with the first week

  • Day 1: Total Body Warmup

    Episode 2

    A full body warmup before exercising is beneficial in more than one way. It warms up the muscles and prevents injury but also helps with muscle recruitment and engagement

  • Day 2: Stabilizing and Balance

    Episode 3

    This 10 minute workout is all about stability, these essential exercises are going to help you prevent injury and get you those nice lean legs

  • Day 3: 10 Minute Back & Core

    Episode 4

    This high intensity workout is all about the back & core. It may be 10 minutes but it's no joke, these exercises will definitely leave you feeling the burn

  • Day 4: Abs and Obliques

    Episode 5

    The obliques can be the hardest part of your body to lose weight and excess fat, but this quick 10 minute workout with Hannah is super effective at reducing those love handles

  • Day 5: 15 Minute Hip Mobility and Flexibility

    Episode 6

    Join Hannah in this episode focused on opening up the hips and increasing flexibility. These exercises will also reduce some tension and discomfort you might have in your lower back from sitting a lot

  • Day 6: Total Body Cardio Combos

    Episode 7

    Cardio is essential for weight loss, and when it's high intensity like this workout, you'll be burning calories all day long, even after you've completed the workout

  • Day 7: Rest & Recovery Stretches

    Episode 8

    You're probably feeling a little bit stiff and sore from the first week of workouts so this gentle workout is designed to help you stretch and loosen up those joints.

  • Nutrition and Meal Prepping

    Episode 9

    Congrats on finishing the first week of the program, in this video we change up the pace a little bit and Hannah shares some tips on rest and recovery as well as sharing some nutrition and food information to help you on your weight loss journey

  • Day 8: HIIT Workout For The Back

    Episode 10

    The back muscles aren't something people usually think about when they're working out, but stronger back muscles help improve posture, help relieve tension in the neck and back and can also help you with other exercises too

  • Day 9: HIIT Workout For Abs

    Episode 11

    This 10 minute HIIT workout features some of Hannah's favorite moves for beautiful, sculpted abs.

  • Day 10: Inner & outer Thighs

    Episode 12

    Join Hannah in this HIIT workout focusing on the inner and outer thighs, and remember your thigh muscles are essential for squats and stabilization

  • Day 11: Hip & Shoulder Mobility For Improving Your Squats

    Episode 13

    In this video we slow down the pace a little bit with a recovery workout designed to help improve mobility in your shoulder, back & hips which will aid you in your workouts

  • Day 12: Belly Fat Blast! Lower Abs HIIT

    Episode 14

    Stress, hormones and bloating can add belly fat onto your lower abdomen. This 10 minute HIIT workout focuses on those lower abs and can significantly reduce any excess weight you wish to shed

  • Day 13: All About Butt Shaping

    Episode 15

    In this episode Hannah answers some questions she commonly gets from her fitness clients about how to get a bigger butt, how to get a smaller butt, and anything else glute related

  • Day 14: Foam Rolling

    Episode 16

    End of week 2 and we have another recovery video for you. This one involves a foam roller, if you don't have one you can repeat one of the previous recovery videos

  • Fitness Tips

    Episode 17

    You're halfway there! Good job! In this short video Hannah discusses form, working the transverse plane and also some nutrition tips and making goals for yourself

  • Day 15: HIIT Workout For Glutes

    Episode 18

    A lot of people struggle to shape their glutes because we sit so much throughout our daily lives, which can make them weak and underactive. This workout features some of Hannah's favorite exercises to target those glutes for maximum results

  • Day 16: HIIT Workout For Arms

    Episode 19

    This equipment free workout focuses on the arms. As your weight loss journey progresses you'll quickly realize that have strong arm muscles is essential to mastering other workouts, and these quick exercises are perfect for building that muscle.

  • Day 17: Morning Cardio

    Episode 20

    What better way to start your day than with this morning cardio workout. This high intensity workout is designed to have you burning calories all day long

  • Day 18: HIIT Refresh - Workout to Unwind

    Episode 21

    Feeling tense and stressed can leave you unable to sleep, and a natural way to combat that is by working out after a long day. This video is designed for just that! These quick easy exercises will have you sleeping peacefully in no time

  • Day 19: HIIT Refresh - Energizing Workout After A Stressful Day

    Episode 22

    Had a long stressful day? Working out has been proven to help that, and this 10 minute routine is short enough for those of you with little time but still intense enough to blow off some steam and help you lose weight

  • Day 20: 10 Minute HIIT - Thighs & Abs Combo

    Episode 23

    Working on your abs can really benefit you when it comes to working on other parts of your body. Your core stabilizes you and the stronger your core muscles are the better your balance, and the easier you will find other exercises

  • Day 21: Upper Body & Abs

    Episode 24

    This quick 10 minute HIIT workout is all about the upper body and abs. In this workout you'll be increasing your strength in the shoulders, chest and all along the abdominals