Get Your Body Back

Get Your Body Back

18 Episodes

Join Myra Shaikh in this series where she helps you get your body back. These yoga flows are perfect for helping you lose weight, build muscle and improve your overall quality of life.

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Get Your Body Back
  • 10 Minute Power Yoga - Abs, Core, and Arms

    Episode 1

    This quick 10 minute flow focuses on the core and arms, but don't let the short time fool you, this one will definitely leave you feeling the effects long after you're done

  • 10 Minute Power Yoga- Inner Thighs and Glutes

    Episode 2

    This quick 10 minute flow focuses on the thighs & glutes, but don't let the short time fool you, this one will definitely leave you feeling the effects long after you're done

  • 20 min Vinyasa Flow

    Episode 3

    Todays flow is a 20 minute vinyasa flow that will raise your heart rate and metabolism to aid in weight loss, whilst also building strength and muscle

  • 20 Minute Restorative Flow

    Episode 4

    It's important that you take time every now and again to counter your workouts with some restorative work to help heal those muscles and joints

  • 30 Min Intermediate Power Yoga

    Episode 5

    In this 30 minute flow Myra cranks up the difficulty a little bit, but don't worry if you're not quite there yet she breaks it down and shows you how you can progress and eventually get to the intermediate level safely

  • 25 Minute Core Strength Power Yoga

    Episode 6

    If you're looking to lose weight then building your core strength should be an important part of your regimen. It protects your back from injury or pain and is the foundation of your whole body

  • 20 Min Power Yoga

    Episode 7

    This power yoga flow is all about flexibility and range of motion. If you find yourself sitting for most of the day then this class is perfect to get you on your feet and help stretch out those limbs and joints

  • 15 Minute Power Yoga for Weight Loss

    Episode 8

    Join Myra in this video where she leads you through a power yoga flow to help you lose weight and increase range of motion in your whole body

  • Total Body Strength

    Episode 9

    Join Myra in this flow that will help you build overall body strength that should aid you in other practices

  • Yoga Flow For Balance

    Episode 10

    Balance is super important in our day to day lives and even more important if you're beginning your fitness journey. You'll find throughout your practice that a lot of yoga poses require balance and this flow is perfect for helping you improve yours

  • Power Yoga For Hip Mobility

    Episode 11

    Join Myra and Chandler in this power yoga sequence that not only targets your core and abs but also involves a lot of twists and stretches designed to help you loosen up those hips

  • Power Yoga Flow For Core & Obliques

    Episode 12

    Join Myra and Chandler in this quick power yoga flow that will target your core and obliques as well as aid in helping you shed belly fat

  • 15 Min Warriors Flow

    Episode 13

    This video is all about the 3 warriors! Myra and her follow along model MJ demonstrate a short flow that introduces the 3 warrior poses and how you can incorporate them into your other practices

  • 15 Min Power Yoga For Spinal Strength

    Episode 14

    Join Myra in this quick 15 minute power yoga flow that incorporates bending, stretching, twisting, glute work and even some core work all to help you build some spinal strength

  • Yoga for Strength, Balance & Flexibility

    Episode 15

    Join Myra for this yoga sequence that will help you with flexibility, strength, core work, and also some side body extensions and some balancing poses

  • Power Yoga Sequence Breakdown

    Episode 16

    Join Myra as she takes you through this flow step by step, breaking it down for beginners, so you can really understand the mechanism and benefits behind each pose

  • Power Yoga Challenge- Total Body Workout

    Episode 17

    This sequence is designed to challenge you and help you go through all the ranges of motion. You'll be working on stretching and core building and strengthening poses, with some balance and flexibility mixed in there too

  • Power Yoga Challenge- Full Body Flow

    Episode 18

    Today's flow is a challenge but it's also fun and very effective at burning fat and helping you lose weight