Advance Your Practice: 30 Day Self Care Yoga Challenge

Advance Your Practice: 30 Day Self Care Yoga Challenge

30 Episodes

Join Julia Jarvis in this 30 day series where she takes you through some yoga flows that can really help you get more out of your yoga practice, and also address some common issues like flexibility, back pain, neck pain, difficulty sleeping and more. Throughout this series you'll learn some important information about your body and mind that can really improve your overall self care.

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Advance Your Practice: 30 Day Self Care Yoga Challenge
  • Day 1: Lower Body Foundations: Hamstring & Hip Strength

    Episode 1

    Day 1 kicks it off with some strengthening poses for the hips & hamstrings. Usually most practices will focus on flexibility in these areas, but it will help you progress further will your flexibility to add strength training.

  • Day 2: Upper Body Foundations: Heart Openers & Shoulder Mobility

    Episode 2

    Opening through the chest and through the heart will help you to improve posture, spirits and allow for better breathing. Often when the chest is caving in the heart and the mind will follow. So by working on opening the chest, and releasing tension in the shoulders and neck, it can give you a li...

  • Day 3: Side Body Foundations: Balancing Both Sides Of The Body

    Episode 3

    Day 3 will help you compare the right and left side of the body and use lateral bending to restore balance between the two sides.

  • Day 4: Releasing Neck & Shoulder Tension, Nurturing the Spine

    Episode 4

    Today's class is all about relieving tension in the neck and upper back, so the focus is going to be on contracting those upper back muscles that might be pulling on the neck and causing pain, and exploring the relationship between that and the spine in general.

  • Day 5: Joint Freeing Series for Healthy, Happy Joints

    Episode 5

    In today's class you'll be moving through the joint freeing series, a series designed by the yoga therapy center to reach every joint in the body. It's purpose is to melt away all of your stiffness and to prepare you for a longer more comfortable seated meditation.

  • Day 6: Yoga Nidra: Meditation for Awareness of Mind & Body

    Episode 6

    Day 6 focuses on iRest therapy. It's a super easy guided meditation based around the Yoga Nidra lineage where you will put your body to sleep and one thread of consciousness stays awake.

  • Day 7: Deep Hip Flexibility: Working Through Emotions We Store in the Hips

    Episode 7

    At the end of week 1 you'll be working on hip opening. You may notice a lot of emotions bubbling up throughout this practice and that's because the hips are heavily involved in the flight or flight response. Oftentimes when we experience trauma we clench those really deep pelvic muscles and have ...

  • Day 8: Core Awareness, Stability & Strength

    Episode 8

    Join Julia for day 8 which focuses on core awareness and strength. So you'll be breaking up the core into developing awareness of the muscles and how they work, building your strength, giving yourself a workout and also focusing on stability as the core is an integral foundation of your body

  • Day 9: Shoulder Mobility- Creating Space

    Episode 9

    Day 9 is all about shoulder mobility. Oftentimes your shoulders and shoulder joints aren't the problem, they're just on the receiving end of problems from the neck and upper back. So today's class will focus on engaging the correct muscles, releasing tension and freeing up space for your shoulders.

  • Day 10: Warrior Flow

    Episode 10

    In today's class you'll be working through a warrior sequence. This sequence is going to focus on the lower body foundations you covered in the first few days of this series, but also hone in on the awareness you have built in the other classes as well.

  • Day 11: Support for the Low Back: Lumbar Spine, Hamstrings & Psoas

    Episode 11

    Today's class is going to focus on tension and tightness in the lower back and also explore the reasons why those problems are occurring.

  • Day 12: Yoga for Bedtime & Improved Sleep Quality

    Episode 12

    Getting good sleep is a really important part of self care. Whilst you sleep you're going through physical recovery as well as mental assimilation for the day that you have just gone through. The quickest way to enter a sleep state is to promote parasympathetic nervous system activity, which you ...

  • Day 13: Glute Activation Challenge

    Episode 13

    The glutes can be really neglected in a lot of yoga classes. The glutes are responsible for maintaining the level of your pelvis and the integrity of our structure as a whole, so it's really important to work with them.

  • Day 14: Side Body Opening for Spinal Health & Flexibility

    Episode 14

    The side body can be neglected in most movement and yoga classes, but by opening it up you can improve your spinal health and overall flexibility and mobility

  • Day 15: Twists for Spinal Flexibility & Detox

    Episode 15

    Halfway through the series! After yesterdays class working on the side body, today's class adds some twists. Twists are naturally detoxifying because it gives you chance to compress your internal organs, giving them a little bit of a massage, and then allowing fresh blood flow when you release

  • Day 16: Hip Opening Practice: Deep Release for the Psoas

    Episode 16

    Today you'll be delving back into the lower body and the hip flexor area to work with the psoas muscle. A lot of people don't know what the psoas is or even how to stretch it, but it is a really important muscle for the position of your pelvis. So in this class you'll be working on locating it an...

  • Day 17: Energizing Pick-Me-Up Yoga

    Episode 17

    Today's practice is all about cultivating and expanding your energy instead of just cranking it up. This practice would be a great addition to some sun salutations which would give you a quick energy boost that may not last all day without the addition of this flow.

  • Day 18: Moving Meditation for Emotional Release

    Episode 18

    Day 18 builds on what you worked on in day 17 as far as breathing, energy management and ratios. You'll concentrate your emotion down into your belly and then use kapalabhati to cultivate emotional release.

  • Day 19: Advancing Your Backbend Practice & Opening the Hips

    Episode 19

    Today's class is sequenced around wheel pose, and as with any backbend it's important to take a look at what the other parts of the body are doing. So for wheel pose you'll be targeting 4 areas: opening up the hip flexors, opening up the chest, warming up the quads and coming into full flexion wi...

  • Day 20: Deep Hamstring Flexibility

    Episode 20

    Day 20 is all about lengthening the hamstrings. Hopefully you should already be feeling pretty open and flexible in your hamstrings after the other classes in this series, so today you'll be working just a little bit deeper into those stretches

  • Day 21: Pelvic Floor

    Episode 21

    It's important to have a strong pelvic floor because that where all of your organs sit, but for it to be strong it also needs to be flexible. This class is going to be a super easy class focusing on flexibility in the pelvic floor and growing awareness through subtlety of movement

  • Day 22: Supporting the Spine to Improve Posture & Reduce Neck & Shoulder Tension

    Episode 22

    Everything in your body is designed to keep you naturally standing upright. Today's class weaves in that same theme you've been working with of focusing on undoing instead of doing. If we remove all these things that are getting in the way of us standing upright, then your posture will resolve it...

  • Day 23: Yoga for Side Splits

    Episode 23

    A lot of people want to get their splits, and yoga can be a great way of achieving that. In this video Julia shares some great stretches you can do in your splits journey, and also a supported way to get into the splits.

  • Day 24: Better Breathing, Opening the Heart & Lungs

    Episode 24

    Join Julia for today's class that focuses on the muscles that surround the ribcage and our lung tissue in general. You can't actually move your lungs since they don't have muscle tissue, you'll actually be moving the surrounding muscle and organs to provide space for the lungs to expand into