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Watch this video and more on Yoga Plus

Watch this video and more on Yoga Plus

Advance Your Practice: 30 Day Self Care Yoga Challenge

Day 19: Advancing Your Backbend Practice & Opening the Hips


Up Next in Season 1

  • Day 20: Deep Hamstring Flexibility

    Day 20 is all about lengthening the hamstrings. Hopefully you should already be feeling pretty open and flexible in your hamstrings after the other classes in this series, so today you'll be working just a little bit deeper into those stretches

  • Day 21: Pelvic Floor

    It's important to have a strong pelvic floor because that where all of your organs sit, but for it to be strong it also needs to be flexible. This class is going to be a super easy class focusing on flexibility in the pelvic floor and growing awareness through subtlety of movement

  • Day 22: Supporting the Spine to Impro...

    Everything in your body is designed to keep you naturally standing upright. Today's class weaves in that same theme you've been working with of focusing on undoing instead of doing. If we remove all these things that are getting in the way of us standing upright, then your posture will resolve it...