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Watch this video and more on Yoga Plus

Advance Your Practice: 30 Day Self Care Yoga Challenge

Day 6: Yoga Nidra: Meditation for Awareness of Mind & Body


Up Next in Season 1

  • Day 7: Deep Hip Flexibility: Working ...

    At the end of week 1 you'll be working on hip opening. You may notice a lot of emotions bubbling up throughout this practice and that's because the hips are heavily involved in the flight or flight response. Oftentimes when we experience trauma we clench those really deep pelvic muscles and have ...

  • Day 8: Core Awareness, Stability & St...

    Join Julia for day 8 which focuses on core awareness and strength. So you'll be breaking up the core into developing awareness of the muscles and how they work, building your strength, giving yourself a workout and also focusing on stability as the core is an integral foundation of your body

  • Day 9: Shoulder Mobility- Creating Space

    Day 9 is all about shoulder mobility. Oftentimes your shoulders and shoulder joints aren't the problem, they're just on the receiving end of problems from the neck and upper back. So today's class will focus on engaging the correct muscles, releasing tension and freeing up space for your shoulders.