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Watch this video and more on Yoga Plus

Advance Your Practice: 30 Day Self Care Yoga Challenge

Day 12: Yoga for Bedtime & Improved Sleep Quality


Up Next in Season 1

  • Day 13: Glute Activation Challenge

    The glutes can be really neglected in a lot of yoga classes. The glutes are responsible for maintaining the level of your pelvis and the integrity of our structure as a whole, so it's really important to work with them.

  • Day 14: Side Body Opening for Spinal ...

    The side body can be neglected in most movement and yoga classes, but by opening it up you can improve your spinal health and overall flexibility and mobility

  • Day 15: Twists for Spinal Flexibility...

    Halfway through the series! After yesterdays class working on the side body, today's class adds some twists. Twists are naturally detoxifying because it gives you chance to compress your internal organs, giving them a little bit of a massage, and then allowing fresh blood flow when you release