Prenatal Yoga With Kelsy Livic

Prenatal Yoga With Kelsy Livic

6 Episodes

Join Kelsy in this series where she guides you through some gentle flows specifically designed for those of you wishing to continue practicing yoga throughout your pregnancy. Being 7 months pregnant herself Kelsy knows all too well the struggles and pains you can experience and these videos tackle those issues in a safe and gentle way.
If you are pregnant and wanting to try these exercises, please make sure you ask your doctor first.

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Prenatal Yoga With Kelsy Livic
  • Prenatal Yoga for the Root Chakra and Hip Opening Stretches

    Episode 1

    This video is primarily all about hip opening, but it also combines the practice of pranayama or breathing exercises. This gentle flow is great for all stages of pregnancy as it avoids deep twists

  • Prenatal Yoga for Low Back Pain & Hip Mobility

    Episode 2

    At some point in their pregnancy most women will experience some back and hip pain, this video is designed to target that and help alleviate aches and pains

  • Prenatal Yoga for Energy & Wellbeing

    Episode 3

    Join Kelsy in this yoga flow where she shares some moves that will help you feel energized and revitalized.

  • Prenatal Yoga for Strength

    Episode 4

    Strength is super important when you're pregnant, not only to be able to carry the baby but also for labor and delivery, so this flow is perfect for building up some full body strength

  • Prenatal Yoga for Root and Sacral Chakras

    Episode 5

    In this video you'll be doing some hip opening stretches, feel free to add this flow to any of the previous hip opening videos if you want a much longer practice

  • Prenatal Yoga for Flexibility

    Episode 6

    In this video Kelsy guides you through a flow that increases hamstring flexibility, and aides in hip and low back pain. Most pregnant women will experience some hip and back pain at some point in their pregnancy and that can get quite severe, so these stretches should help alleviate that.