Power Yoga Weight Loss Transformation

Power Yoga Weight Loss Transformation

14 Episodes

Join Julia Marie in this series where she combines power yoga and HIIT training for the maximum result! Yoga has many amazing benefits and when it's mixed together with HIIT, you'll get all the benefits of a 60 minute workout squashed into half the time

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Power Yoga Weight Loss Transformation
  • Fat Burning Power Yoga

    Episode 1

    This workout is a power yoga meets high intensity interval training. It's unlike anything you've seen before and you'll get all the awesome benefits of yoga, like flexibility, mobility and building lean muscle mass, all squashed into one shorter workout that still has the maximum effect.

  • Power Yoga & HIIT for Weight Loss

    Episode 2

    Join Julia Marie in this 25 minute flow that combines power yoga and HIIT to give you all the beautiful benefits of yoga, plus all the cardiovascular benefits of HIIT. This one will really help you with those weight loss goals!

  • 10 Minute Power Yoga Workout For Your Core

    Episode 3

    This quick 10 minute flow is for your core but it is inspired by power yoga, so you'll see a lot of yoga moves that have been tailored to help give you strong abdominals and a tighter core

  • Power Yoga For Core Strength

    Episode 4

    Core strength is important, and as you go through your fitness journey you will realize how much you need core strength for various yoga poses, balance, stamina, form and much more. This power yoga flow is perfect for helping you target and build those core muscles

  • 20 Minute Power Yoga; Obliques & Slimming The Waist

    Episode 5

    In this 20 minute power yoga class you'll be specifically targeting twists for a strong stable spine, toned midline and increased confidence in how you hold yourself.

  • Power Yoga Core Circuit

    Episode 6

    This power yoga flow is all about the core. It combines yoga with some fitness repetition for weight loss and strength building.

  • Power Pose - Bird of Paradise

    Episode 7

    In this flow Julia leads you through a flow that can be done by both beginners and advanced yogis, leading into Bird of Paradise pose.

  • Power Pose - Side Crow

    Episode 8

    In this class Julia steps it up a notch with the side crow pose. So if you're feeling confident in your practice and you're wanting to take it to the next level then this challenge is for you

  • Power Pose- Wheel

    Episode 9

    Wheel pose isn't everyone favorite, but it can have many benefits. Join Julia in this flow where she shows you some poses and moves you can do to build up to and eventually get to the wheel pose

  • Feel Good Yoga for a Stressful Day

    Episode 10

    We all have stressful days at some point, even if you love your job. This flow is great for unwinding and de-stressing after one of those particular days.

  • Hurdlers Arm Balance

    Episode 11

    Arm balances can be daunting, but in this class Julia gives you all the bits and pieces you need to piece together an arm balance, and even if your feet don't leave the ground that's completely fine!

  • Energizing Full Body Workout

    Episode 12

    Join Julia in this flow that is all about energy. You'll be energizing your entire body. Sometimes when you're feeling down or demotivated the best thing you can do is jump into a flow that will lift you up and give you that energy

  • Core & Strength

    Episode 13

    A lot of people request videos focusing on strengthening the core, the hips or the glutes, and in this flow Julia addresses all 3 of those areas and shows you the best way to build strength

  • Confidence & Core Strength

    Episode 14

    In yoga we think of our different centers of energy all lining up down the center of our bodies, and one of those is your power center, usually associated with your solar plexus right in the middle of your gut. Today's flow is all about that power center.