Essential Yoga

Essential Yoga

16 Episodes

Join Julia Marie in this yoga series of essential flows. These quick easy to follow videos are designed to help you get the most out of your yoga practice.

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Essential Yoga
  • Morning Yoga

    Episode 1

    Before you wake up and go make sure you make time for this important flow that will get you ready for the day

  • Shoulder Mobility

    Episode 2

    This flow is all about building strength and flexibility in the shoulders and upper back. This flow is great if you need to increase shoulder mobility or if you're a yogi who is starting to get into inversions and shoulder stands

  • Yoga For People Who Sit All Day

    Episode 3

    This flow is designed to help open you up and loosen those muscles that get tight after sitting all day, maybe at a desk job or if you've been in the car a lot.

  • Happy Hips Flexibility

    Episode 4

    Join Julia in this hip flexibility flow. This workout is beginner friendly and is great for anyone who needs to release some tension in their lower body.

  • No Pressure on Wrists

    Episode 5

    This beginner's flow is great for people who don't know where to start when it comes to yoga, and is also beneficial for seasoned yogis who have been putting a lot of pressure on their wrists and hands and who need a more gentle flow

  • Relaxing Bedtime

    Episode 6

    This flow is for anyone who needs to relax, unwind and let go. You're going to stay grounded and get into some of those spaces that get really tense and tight during the day and let it all go, ready for bedtime.

  • Hip Flexibility

    Episode 7

    If you have a job where you sit a lot or maybe you're in the car a lot, or maybe you just got off an airplane, you may experience tightness in your hips, this flow can help ease up those muscles and help you regain some flexibility

  • Power Yoga Essentials: Warrior Pose

    Episode 8

    This video is all about warrior poses. In power yoga classes warrior poses are strong and help rev you up

  • Power Yoga Essentials

    Episode 9

    In this video Julia covers some essentials of power yoga in an easy step by step guide for beginners

  • Arm Balances

    Episode 10

    If you're getting to a part of your yoga practice where you want to start exploring arm balances then this is the video for you. Whereas you do need arm strength for a lot of arm balancing poses this video shares some other fundamentals just as core strength and activating your legs.

  • Core
    Episode 11


    Episode 11

    In this video You will be addressing everything from your hips to your shoulders to really build up your core. This flow is from a yoga standpoint though so it's not just crunches and planks.

  • Balance

    Episode 12

    When practicing yoga balance is really important, and you will come across some poses that really demand good balance. In this video Julia shares some techniques and flows to really improve your overall balance and stability

  • 5 Mistakes

    Episode 13

    In this video Julia shares 5 common mistakes that she sees from beginners when they enter a yoga class.

  • Twists
    Episode 14


    Episode 14

    Perhaps you're looking to flatten out your mid section, get rid of some belly fat, or looking to tone up or build some core strength, twists are essential for this and this video explains how and why

  • Flexibility

    Episode 15

    If you've ever caught yourself saying 'I'm not flexible enough for yoga' then this video is for you. This video shows you how to get started and how to loosen up your joints.

  • Knee Pain

    Episode 16

    If you've found yourself wondering how can I make yoga work for me when I have knee pain? Then this video is for you. This gentle easy flow is ideal for those of you who have knee problems and that are unsure of where to start in your yoga practice