Yogalates - Yoga Fitness Fusion

Yogalates - Yoga Fitness Fusion

13 Episodes

This yoga series is perfect for weight loss and body toning, the exercises are cardio intensive and will have you shedding pounds in no time.

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Yogalates - Yoga Fitness Fusion
  • Core Strength Yogalates

    Episode 1

    This workout fuses yoga and pilates into yogalates, these exercises will help target the core muscles from all angles giving you maximum benefit.

  • Glutes & Thighs

    Episode 2

    In part 1 Becca guides you through some exercises to strengthen your glutes and thighs whilst also helping you shed unwanted weight

  • Weight Loss

    Episode 3

    In part 2 Becca goes through a yoga flow for weight loss

  • Full Body Tone

    Episode 4

    Part 3 is a full body yoga tone, helping you strengthen and tone your muscles

  • Glute Circuit

    Episode 5

    This video is all about the booty. 10 minutes is all it takes to start lifting and shaping those glute muscles for a tight toned butt.

  • Yoga Total Body Sculpt

    Episode 6

    Join Becca for this 20 minute total body yoga sculpting workout. This workout is great for all levels and is equipment free, however there are modifications if you wish to add weights. These exercises are great for weight loss and fat burning and will also help improve your flexibility and overal...

  • Lean Legs

    Episode 7

    Join Becca in this lean legs yoga flow, that will burn fat in your thighs and glutes as well as tone and strengthen

  • Full Body Yoga Burn

    Episode 8

    Join Becca for this full body yoga burn. This video is cardio heavy, so expect to sweat, tone and strengthen all in one!

  • Full Body Yoga Stretch

    Episode 9

    This full body stretch will work on calming the body, stretching out muscles from head to toe.

  • Yogalates Body Sculpting

    Episode 10

    Part 3 focuses on toning the whole body, making you feel stronger.

  • Legs & Glutes Pilates

    Episode 11

    Part 2 is another yoga pilates fusion workout, this time focused on the legs and glutes. This workout will hit the outer thighs, inner thighs & glutes

  • Stress Relief

    Episode 12

    Join Becca in this slow gentle yoga flow for stress and anxiety. This flow is perfect for before bed or anytime you need to relax and unwind.

  • Stress Relief

    Episode 13

    In this video Becca guides you through 5 simple yoga poses for stress relief.