Yoga With Jess Timsit

Yoga With Jess Timsit

13 Episodes

Join Jess in her yoga series for all levels. As the series progresses she's going to tackle many different yoga flows you can do that address many different situations. From pain relief to morning yoga, to beginners classes, this series has it all.

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Yoga With Jess Timsit
  • Feel AMAZING All Day! 10 Minute Morning Yoga

    Episode 1

    Just 10 minutes of yoga can help you feel energized & amazing all day long! Start your day right with some easy yoga stretches & breahwork.

  • Gentle Morning Yoga

    Episode 2

    Join Jess in this gentle morning flow, designed to get you feeling energized and ready to start the day.

  • Lean Legs

    Episode 3

    This workout focuses on the legs and glutes. You will be working on getting strong lean legs, strengthening the calf muscles, tightening the glutes and improving overall fitness for the lower body.

  • Neck & Shoulder Pain Relief

    Episode 4

    In this video Jess shows you some simple stretches you can do anytime to help relieve neck and shoulder pain..

  • Yoga For Sitters

    Episode 5

    This workout is yoga for those of you that sit all day long. This is going to target those areas that get stiff and weak, like the legs, ankles, hips, low back, chest and shoulders.

  • Power Yoga

    Episode 6

    This power yoga flow is a tough full body workout that will help boost your overall fitness, mobility and strength.

  • Advanced Fat Burning

    Episode 7

    Part 3 steps it up a gear and is more of an advanced workout to really help you lose that belly fat

  • Obliques

    Episode 8

    Part 2 focuses on the obliques and getting rid of love handles

  • Power Yoga

    Episode 9

    In this video Jess guides you through a power yoga flow that will aid in weight loss and improving overall fitness

  • Belly Fat Burner

    Episode 10

    Part 1 kicks off the series focusing on losing weight in your mid section, burning belly fat & getting rid of muffin tops.

  • Glutes Part 1

    Episode 11

    Join Jess in part 1 of her booty toning series, aimed to help you build strength in your glutes and tone those muscles

  • Glutes Part 2

    Episode 12

    Don't worry if you haven't seen part 1 these videos can be viewed in any order and can be used as solo workouts on their own.

  • Glutes Part 3

    Episode 13

    Part 3 is another booty toning workout that will really leave you feeling the burn