Quick Yoga Workouts For Weight Loss & Toning

Quick Yoga Workouts For Weight Loss & Toning

14 Episodes

A lot of people don't have time to practice yoga. Life can get in the way, but in this series Lindsey has carefully structured her classes to give you the maximum benefit in the shortest amount of time. So even if you only have time for 10-20 minutes, you'll still be getting great benefits

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Quick Yoga Workouts For Weight Loss & Toning
  • Quick Intense Yoga For Core Strength

    Episode 1

    Don't have the time for an hour long workout? Then join Lindsey in her intense ab and core workout that is only 10 minutes but still packed with benefits. you'll be doing classic moves such as crunches, combined with yoga poses to lengthen and strengthen those ab muscles.

  • Morning Yoga

    Episode 2

    This fast paced morning yoga flow not only opens your pores and gets your heart rate up, but it also burns fat for hours after. This flow will keeps your heart pumping and is designed to keep it at a rate that continues to burn fat throughout your day. Its better than a cup of coffee in the morning!

  • Weight Loss Yoga

    Episode 3

    In this 20 minute full body weight loss and strength training yoga flow you will quickly move through a sun salutation, then work on static and moving poses. Do this intermediate weight loss yoga flow 3 times a week and you will see the inches shed off your waistline, thighs, and arms.

  • Deep Hip Stretches

    Episode 4

    Join Lindsey in this video all about deep hip stretches. These poses are great for opening up the hips, hamstrings, glutes and thighs

  • Strength & Flexibility

    Episode 5

    Join Lindsey Samper in this video on strength and flexibility

  • Neck & Shoulders

    Episode 6

    Join Lindsey for 5 poses that help with neck and shoulder pain, and can easily be added to your current routine

  • 5 Yoga Poses for Low Back Pain

    Episode 7

    In this video Lindsey runs through some yoga poses that you can do to ease low back pain

  • Challenging Flow

    Episode 8

    In this episode, Lindsey takes you through a fun, challenging flow, aimed at all levels it will help with improving your flexibility, strength and your core.

  • Add On Poses

    Episode 9

    In this video Lindsey shows you 5 yoga poses that you can add onto your current yoga routine to really boost your weight loss

  • Upper Body

    Episode 10

    This quick yoga workout will help you tone up your arms. It also contains some stretches to help you loosen up and improve flexibility in your shoulders and upper body

  • Standing Beginner

    Episode 11

    This quick beginner workout is standing only, so there's no getting up and down off the floor. This flow is great for creating flexibility and strength in your legs

  • Opening Hips

    Episode 12

    This quick yoga workout is great for improving flexibility in your legs and hips.

  • Legs & Glutes

    Episode 13

    This workout targets the thighs and legs, to help you get more toned and more flexible

  • 5 Fundamental Poses

    Episode 14

    In this video Lindsey demonstrates 5 of her favorite poses, that are essential poses for any yoga practice. These poses address tightness throughout the whole body and should help with those problem areas