Massage Therapy For Back Pain Relief

Massage Therapy For Back Pain Relief

8 Episodes

Join Robert for this series on back pain relief. This series targets both upper and lower back pain and features massage techniques as well as stretches to help alleviate pain and boost mobility

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Massage Therapy For Back Pain Relief
  • Upper Back & Neck: Part 1

    Episode 1

    Part 1 covers massage techniques for the upper back and neck that should aid in pain relief

  • Upper Back & Neck: Part 2

    Episode 2

    Part 2 also covers massage therapt techniques for the upper back and neck however this one is from a face up position

  • Lower Back: Part 1

    Episode 3

    Part 3 moves on to the lower back where Robert shows you some great massage techniques from a face down position

  • Lower Back: Part 2

    Episode 4

    Part 4 shows advanced techniques for the lower back, mainly involving the legs and hips

  • Stretches
    Episode 5


    Episode 5

    In part 5 Robert moves on to some follow along stretches you can do on the floor, on a bed or on a yoga mat. These stretches combine massage techniques and yoga for back pain relief

  • Compression

    Episode 6

    In Part 6 Robert shows you how you can use a tennis ball to target back pain relief in this follow along episode you can do at home.

  • Foam Roller

    Episode 7

    In part 7 Robert shows you how to tackle upper back, neck and shoulder pain using a foam roller. If you don't have a foam roller you can roll up some towels to achieve the same effect.

  • Chair Stretches

    Episode 8

    These follow along stretches combine massage and yoga to provide relief from back pain and can be done anywhere.