Yoga Chakra Series

Yoga Chakra Series

7 Episodes

Join Julia Jarvis in this yoga series where she guides you through various exercises and teaches you about balancing chakras.

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Yoga Chakra Series
  • Muladhara: Root Chakra

    Episode 1

    Part 1 focuses on the first chakra Muladhara, which is where we find survival and stability. It's about getting back to nature and having our most basic physical needs met, which is why this is commonly referred to as the root chakra.

  • Svadhisthana: Sacral Chakra

    Episode 2

    The second chakra Svadhisthana translates to one's own place, and is responsible for one's own worth. It also governs emotions, creativity, sexuality and desire.

  • Manipura: Solar Plexus Chakra

    Episode 3

    The 3rd chakra, the solar plexus is our personal sun of power, it also governs will, determination, motivation and transformation. This chakra is key for feeling confident and having the power to stay on your path.

  • Anahata: Heart Chakra

    Episode 4

    Located in the center of our chest, the 4th chakra Anahata connects us to our emotional self. This routine is good for energizing and would be perfect for a morning workout.

  • Vishuddhi: Throat Chakra

    Episode 5

    Part 5 focuses on Vishuddhi, the 5th chakra, sitting in our throat this chakra is responsible for our communication. If you have a fear of public speaking or social anxiety this practice will connect you to your expressive self so you can speak your truth from a place of confidence.

  • Ajna: Third Eye Chakra

    Episode 6

    The Third Eye chakra governs our cosmic intuition, our divine guidance and our purpose in life. This flow is nice, easy and relaxing.

  • Sahasrara: Crown Chakra

    Episode 7

    In the final episode of the series, we focus on the Crown, the chakra of enlightenment. This practice will be good for changing your outlook on life, cultivating a positive experience and helping you see the divine in everything else as well as yourself.