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  • Massage Therapy Techniques For Pain Relief

    1 season

    Join Chandler Rose in this instructional massage series where she demonstrates some techniques for headaches, frozen shoulder and other painful problems

  • Massage & Bodyworks Advanced Techniques

    1 season

    In this series Athena Jezik demonstrates some advanced techniques for massage and bodyworks

  • Full Body Massage For Pain Relief

    1 season

    Join licensed massage therapist Natanhna in this series on massage techniques for pain relief

  • Hot Stone Massage

    1 season

    Join Melissa in this instructional series on hot stone massage

  • A Beginners Guide To Reflexology

    1 season

    Grab your hands, feet and a comfortable seat and join Melissa in this DIY beginners tutorial for pain relief through reflexology

  • Relaxing Massage With Christen Renee

    1 season

    Join Christen Renee in this relaxing instructional massage series.

  • How To Massage: A Beginners Guide With Melissa LaMunyon

    1 season

    Join Melissa LaMunyon in this beginners series on how to massage. These techniques are perfect for friends, family or your partner.

  • Full Body Massage With Chandler Rose

    1 season

    Join Chandler Rose, licensed massage therapist, as she demonstrates some key techniques you can use on different parts of the body.

  • Massage: Learning The Basics

    1 season

    Join Athena Jezik as she shows you some great massage techniques for beginners.

  • ASMR Massage With Melissa Lamunyon

    1 season

    Join Melissa in this relaxing ASMR series where she goes through the basics of massage techniques.

  • ASMR Massage With Corrina Rachel

    1 season

    ASMR videos are designed to have a calming effect on the viewer with soft ambient sounds to help you relax and fall asleep. This massage series features Certified Holistic Health Coach Corrina Rachel. Learn how to give a tingle filled ASMR back massage.

  • Relaxing Wellness Massage

    1 season

    Join Corrina in this massage series where she discusses topics associated with health and wellness, with massage model Jess Timsit.

  • Massage Therapy For Back Pain Relief

    1 season

    Join Robert for this series on back pain relief. This series targets both upper and lower back pain and features massage techniques as well as stretches to help alleviate pain and boost mobility

  • Essential Massage Techniques

    1 season

    Learn how to give an amazing glute and low back massage with Tessa.

  • Thai Massage For Pain Relief

    1 season

    A series of videos showing how to use Thai massage therapy techniques to address common pain areas including lower back pain, neck pain, hip pain and shoulder pain and headaches.

  • How To Massage The Front And The Back


    Do you have back or chest pain? Do you work at a desk or do a lot of driving? Here is a massage that will help get rid of all of those aches and pains. In this informational back, neck, and pec massage you will learn how to address those problem spots.

  • Massage For Pain Relief With Robert Gardner

    1 season

    A 5-part how to massage series dealing with common pain points in the body. Learn how to work with the body and improvise to make for the most relaxing and helpful massage. Robert uses technical and beginner terminology to teach and give a better understanding of the body, making it easy for begi...

  • Gentle Stretching Protocol for Stress, Pain Relief, and Sleep with Chandler Rose

    1 season

    Join Yoga Instructor and Massage Therapist Chandler Rose for these gentle stretching routines designed to help alleviate pain and stress, while promoting better sleep and overall health. Feel better in your body with these simple, easy to follow stretches, and use these sequences daily for lastin...