Total Body Dance Fitness - Ballet & Pilates Fusion

Total Body Dance Fitness - Ballet & Pilates Fusion

6 Episodes

Join Kait in this full body workout series that will boost mobility and help you lose weight by combining ballet and pilates. Don't worry if you're not a dancer though, this workout is beginner friendly.

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Total Body Dance Fitness - Ballet & Pilates Fusion
  • Inner Thighs & Glutes

    Episode 1

    The series kicks off with a ballet inspired workout targeting the inner thighs and glutes. This workout should also help improve your core strength and balance.

  • Seated Ballet Workout

    Episode 2

    This workout is a seated one so you will need a chair from which you can touch both feet firmly on the ground.

  • Pilates For Abs

    Episode 3

    This workout is designed to tone and strengthen your core, building the abdominal muscles and helping you lose weight on your obliques.

  • Total Body Pilates Workout

    Episode 4

    This quick and painless pilates workout is great as an overall fitness flow. It targets the whole body giving you the best outcome.

  • Total Body Ballet Tone

    Episode 5

    This workout is similar to the previous one except this one uses ballet instead of pilates and focuses on toning instead of weight loss. Combine both this workout and the previous one for a perfect ballet and pilates fusion workout

  • Full Body Ballet

    Episode 6

    Join Kait Coats for her two in one full body toning workout; you will love doing this fun dance workout over and over! This workout is great for weight loss and toning as well as loosening up your joints and muscles.