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The Complete Guide To Beginners Yoga

The Complete Guide To Beginners Yoga

18 Episodes

This series is a thorough demonstration of yoga for complete beginners. Follow along with Meera as you learn all of the basics and their variations, some amazing yoga flows, and how to take care of both your mind and body.

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The Complete Guide To Beginners Yoga
  • First Yoga Lesson

    Episode 1

    Starting with the basics; in this low intensity video you learn very basic, relaxing yoga stretches, such as lotus, and how to do them perfectly.

  • Yoga- Building On the Basics

    Episode 2

    Take what you learned from your last lesson and build on those fundamental yoga poses. This lesson is very helpful if you have a computer desk job, because it focuses on opening up the chest and stretching and aligning the back.

  • Yoga Flow Sun Salutation

    Episode 3

    Learn how to do the first and most popular yoga flow, Sun Salutation or Surya Namaskara. This video not only teaches you the flow, but also how to work with your breath and being mindful of what your body is telling you.

  • Step It Up With Yoga

    Episode 4

    Ready to step up the intensity? Learn new poses and techniques as well as build on your knowledge with this moderate intensity yoga flow workout.

  • Halfway There Yoga

    Episode 5

    Welcome to part 5 of the 10 part series. In this video you will expand your knowledge and mastering of past yoga flows and asanas as well as learn some new ones.

  • Strong Core Yoga

    Episode 6

    Build on your knowledge, and truly master the moves you've learned. In this video you will go over sun salutations, and some new, low intensity moves.

  • Morning Flow

    Episode 7

    Part 7 is a slower gentle flow perfect for first thing on a morning to get you ready for the day

  • Keep Pushing

    Episode 8

    Part 8 steps it up a little bit, using everything you've learnt so far in this flow.

  • Almost There

    Episode 9

    This is the penultimate push, you're almost there, you've almost mastered this series!

  • Last One
    Episode 10

    Last One

    Episode 10

    Final episode, utilize everything you've learnt and join Meera in this last flow.

  • *Bonus* Holiday Yoga Weight Loss Workout

    Episode 11

    This workout promotes digestion and strength, which makes it a perfect holiday or weekend companion to help you shed those last pounds.

  • Yoga for Anxiety

    Episode 12

    In this video Meera goes over some wonderful moves and poses to help with stress, anxiety and depression.

  • Flexibility
    Episode 13


    Episode 13

    This gentle flow is super simple and can be combined with another video to create a longer routine if you wish, or just done on it's own to help loosen your joints and improve overall flexibility and mobility

  • Meera's Favorite Stretches for Low Back Pain

    Episode 14

    This gentle flow is geared towards those of you with low back pain or those of you who sit all day and need a simple routine to help loosen up your joints

  • Core Strength

    Episode 15

    Join Meera in this yoga flow that will help strengthen your core, improve your posture and just overall make you feel pretty great

  • Chakra Balancing

    Episode 16

    In this video Meera talks in depth about the chakras, which are energy cores within your body. She details each one and provides some yoga poses and stretches to help balance each one

  • Strength Building Yoga

    Episode 17

    Join Meera Hoffman for this strong yoga workout session which will get your heart rate going and help you build some strength, as well as leaving you feeling awake and energized.

  • Yoga Beginners Gentle Flow

    Episode 18

    This gentle beginners workout is great as a restorative, stress relieving session, and is a welcome break from other harder yoga flows.