Full Body Pilates Total Body Fitness & Weight Loss

Full Body Pilates Total Body Fitness & Weight Loss

Join Kait in this beginners Full Body Pilates series. These workouts focus on weight loss, muscle toning, core stability and improving your overall fitness and health.

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Full Body Pilates Total Body Fitness & Weight Loss
  • Full Body Pilates Part 1 with Kait Coats

    Part 1 is a 30 minute full body workout focusing on toning, slimming and a lot of core stability

  • Full Body Pilates Part 2 with Kait Coats

    Part 2 is a 20 minute workout focusing on booty sculpting, belly toning and full body weight loss

  • Full Body Pilates Part 3 with Kait Coats

    Part 3 steps up the workout from part 2 with more weight loss and body toning

  • Core Strength Pilates with Kait

    Part 4 changes pace with a 20 minute workout focusing on strengthening your core muscles and toning your abs.

  • Lower Body Pilates with Kait Coats

    This workout is all about the lower half. Glutes, thighs, hamstrings, the works! But this is still a pilates class so you'll still have a lot of deep core engagement to help your posture and to keep all your muscles engaged and ready

  • Kait's Beginner Flexibility Class

    Total beginner when it comes to working out? Feel like you're not very flexible? Struggle to do yoga? Then this flexibility class is for you. It's completely beginner safe, but also can be done as part of an everyday warm up before moving on to more advanced moves

  • Deep Ab Pilates Workout with Kait

    This high energy pilates workout is great for targeting those deep abdominal muscles that are sometimes hard to reach. This workout will also get your heart rate up and have you burning calories long after you're done