Full Body Flexibility Stretches For Beginners

Full Body Flexibility Stretches For Beginners

8 Episodes

Join Nico in this beginners series on full body flexibility. These stretches are great to do daily to help improve your overall fitness and mobility.

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Full Body Flexibility Stretches For Beginners
  • Flexibility Stretch Beginners Workout

    Episode 1

    Join Nico for this beginners workout for flexibility. This workout is great as a warm up before doing dance, gymnastics or anything that involves a lot of flexibility, however it's also great as a small quick workout you can do anytime as it also builds strength as well as flexibility.

  • Complete Beginners Flexibility

    Episode 2

    Join Nico in this stretching video for complete beginners. This video will help you loosen up those joints and get ready for more advanced stretches and workouts

  • Beginners Full Body Flexibility

    Episode 3

    In this episode Nico goes through some basic beginners stretches that will target your whole body and improve your range of motion

  • Advanced Full Body Flexibility

    Episode 4

    This episode builds on what you learnt in the last one, but with more advanced moves and stretches. It's recommended you do the previous episode before this one.

  • Core Strength

    Episode 5

    Join Nico in this episode where she runs through a quick workout for core strength. Core muscles are essential for most exercises and this workout will help you achieve better balance and stability in your day to day life.

  • Leg Flexibility

    Episode 6

    Join Nico in this beginners workout on leg flexibility

  • Beginners Back Flexibility & Backbends with Nico

    Episode 7

    Join Nico in this beginners tutorial for back flexibility

  • Full Body
    Episode 8

    Full Body

    Episode 8

    This workout focuses on the full body and targets all the muscles for maximum weight loss