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Beginner Pilates Series | The Banks Method

Beginner Pilates Series | The Banks Method

Follow along with instructor Banks Cooney in this fun, full-body Pilates program for beginners. This comprehensive series includes cardio to rev up the heart rate, as well as workouts to target the core and lower body. Practice Workouts every day for the best results, and use the flexibility class between workouts.

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Beginner Pilates Series | The Banks Method
  • Beginner Pilates Core: Low Belly

    Join Banks in this 30 minute Beginners Pilates course for a lower belly core workout! These exercises will be beneficial if you're experiencing lower back pain. No equipment is necessary for this episode.

  • Beginner Pilates Core: Obliques

    In this 30 minute workout, Instructor Banks Cooney goes over a great workout for slimming the waist line, working out the Obliques while strengthening the Glutes.

  • Spinal Strength & Posture

    Banks Cooney instructs Beginners for Pilates on how to work out the lower back for posture, strength, and balance. This video also helps give a great stretch on the abdominals if they happen to be sore from a lower belly workout.

  • 10 Minute Pilates for Thighs & Glutes

    Instructor Banks Cooney goes over a great 10 minute Pilates workout for the Glutes and Inner Thighs! This will workout every angle of your Glute muscles.

  • Beginner Flexibility: Total Body Stretches

    Banks Cooney instructs method on Full Body Stretches for beginners, these stretches will be beneficial for any type of muscle soreness and help during the recovery for rest days or between class workouts!