Advance Your Practice: 30 Day Self Care Yoga Challenge

Advance Your Practice: 30 Day Self Care Yoga Challenge

30 Episodes

Join Julia Jarvis in this 30 day series where she takes you through some yoga flows that can really help you get more out of your yoga practice, and also address some common issues like flexibility, back pain, neck pain, difficulty sleeping and more. Throughout this series you'll learn some important information about your body and mind that can really improve your overall self care.

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Advance Your Practice: 30 Day Self Care Yoga Challenge
  • Day 25: The Vagus Nerve

    Episode 1

    The vagus nerve can be thought of as a super highway that connects your brain to the rest of your body, it passes through pretty much all of your organs, your heart and your gut and governs all those systems that we have no control over. Most importantly your heart rate and the switch between fli...

  • Day 26: Shoulder Stand Practice for Spinal Health & Improved Circulation

    Episode 2

    Day 26 is focused on a shoulder stand that will be great for spinal health and spinal flexibility. Shoulder stand is an easy and accessible inversion, and inversions are great for digestive health, heart health and the nervous system.

  • Day 27: Balance & Stability Training

    Episode 3

    Today's class is all about balance. So whilst all those super crazy poses can be fun to work with you actually don't need them to train your balance and sometimes it's better to work smarter not harder.

  • Day 28: Feel Good Flow the for Hips & Hamstrings

    Episode 4

    Join Julia for this full body flow that has an emphasis on the lower body, hips and hamstrings.

  • Day 29: Bending Through The Side Body

    Episode 5

    The side body is often neglected in many yoga practices and we don't naturally get a lot of side body movement, so this flow is great for bringing balance back into the body and freeing up some space in those intercostal muscles

  • Day 30: Full Body Flow: Journey to Dancer

    Episode 6

    Congrats on making it to day 30! This final class is just a fun full body flow focused around dancer's pose.