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Watch this video and more on Yoga Plus

30 Day Yoga For Weight Loss

Day 21 - The Cardio Flow: Ab & Glute Burn


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  • Day 22 - Twists & Cross Body Movements

    Today's class is all about twists and side bends. These are movements we don't typically do in our day, so our brain loves it when we take one side of our body and cross it over the other, it helps us with our coordination, balance, and when it comes to our weight loss goals it helps us tighten a...

  • Day 23 - Power Yoga HIIT Workout, Arm...

    Day 23 is another power yoga HIIT workout, with some added belly fat burning at the end of the video, but the main focus is going to be sculpting the upper shoulders and back. Whenever we're working with our lower body and our upper body that just revs up our metabolism even more. So this video i...

  • Day 24 - Heart Opening Yoga Flow

    After yesterdays intense shoulder work, this video is going to help you open those shoulders, help you get great posture and when doing some of the backbend exercises in this video you'll also be giving your hormones a boost, making you feel alert, awake and confident