Yoga With Julia Jarvis

Yoga With Julia Jarvis

9 Episodes

Join Julia Jarvis in her collection of yoga videos that span a variety of topics from yoga for people who sit all day to yoga for digestion and detox.

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Yoga With Julia Jarvis
  • Yoga for Emotional Release - Hip Opening Flow

    Episode 1

    In this video Julia demonstrates a hip opening flow that can be great for stress relief and emotional release.

  • Yoga for Digestion

    Episode 2

    In this video Julia takes you through a flow for digestion. This flow is great if you have indigestion or if you're feeling bloated or uncomfortable. It's recommended that you wait an hour after eating before doing it

  • Yoga Flow for Back Pain After Sitting Long Periods of Time

    Episode 3

    This yoga flow is perfect if you sit for long periods of time. It's going to open through the front of the body releasing tension in the spine, and building strength in the areas of the body that offer support

  • Yoga Flow for Back Pain After Standing Long Periods of Time

    Episode 4

    Do you spend a lot of time on your feet all day? If so this flow is perfect for you. These yoga poses can help alleviate all kinds of problems and tension caused by being on your feet all day

  • The Balanced Breath

    Episode 5

    In this class you'll be working through a short sequence before moving into a guided meditation centered around balancing your breath and centering your thoughts

  • Restoring Spinal Health for Posture and Better Breathing

    Episode 6

    Posture is a problem in our society because most of us spend all day hunched over our devices, causing our shoulders to round forward and our chest to cave forward. This causes shorter and shallower breaths, which can directly effect our mood and overall well being.

  • Deep Hip Opening Yoga

    Episode 7

    Today's sequence is all about the hips. Your hips are involved in your central nervous system, you have your sympathetic nervous system which controls your fight or flight response, and your parasympathetic nervous system which is your rest and digest response. In this flow you may notice some em...

  • Connecting with Your Breath

    Episode 8

    Yoga can have incredible benefits on mental health. Not only does it help us develop our self awareness so we can explore some of those limiting thoughts, but it can also show us how to have a better stress response

  • Breath Ratios to Reduce Anxiety

    Episode 9

    Join Julia and Shay in this flow where you'll learn about the 4 parts of breathing and how to better control it in order to fight anxiety and stress.