Total Body Workout

Total Body Workout

6 Episodes

Join Dena Maddie in this total body workout series for beginners. These videos will help you develop the strength and flexibility you need to move on up to more advanced workouts

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Total Body Workout
  • Beginner's Strength and Flexibility

    Episode 1

    This video focuses on some great beginners exercises that you can do to build strength and advance from a complete beginner to a more advanced level

  • Beginner's Arms and Core

    Episode 2

    Join Dena in this super easy beginners workout that will help you develop the strength you need in your arms and core to do some of the more advanced exercises later on

  • Beginner's Legs and Thighs

    Episode 3

    This workout focuses on the legs and thighs, though still keeping it simple enough for all you beginners

  • Inner Thighs and Glutes

    Episode 4

    This episode is all about the lower body, these exercises will help you tone and tighten those thighs and glutes and also help you shed fat from those problem areas

  • Total Body Sculpt Core

    Episode 5

    This is a total body workout that mainly focuses on the core but also helps lower back, legs and upper body

  • Full Body
    Episode 6

    Full Body

    Episode 6

    This workout is a dynamic full body burn, you are definitely going to burn some fat with this one