Get Your Splits In 3 Easy Steps

Get Your Splits In 3 Easy Steps

4 Episodes

Join Nico in this series designed to help you get your splits, these workouts will warm you up and get you feeling flexible.

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Get Your Splits In 3 Easy Steps
  • Stretches
    Episode 1


    Episode 1

    This quick 10 minute workout is all about stretching, you can do these exercises before or after your regular workout to warm up or cooldown your muscles

  • Splits Warm Up

    Episode 2

    Join Nico as she shows you some exercises to help you get warmed up and ready to tackle the splits

  • Over Splits

    Episode 3

    Join Nico in this video where she shows you how to do the over splits

  • Full Body
    Episode 4

    Full Body

    Episode 4

    This workout focuses on the full body and targets all the muscles for maximum weight loss