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Watch this video and more on Yoga Plus

Watch this video and more on Yoga Plus

30 Day Yoga For Weight Loss

Day 18 - Intro To Backbends


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  • Day 19 - Power Yoga HIIT Workout, Tot...

    In this video you're going to do endurance intervals, it's still high intensity interval training, but your intervals are going to be 45 seconds long and your rest portions are going to be 15 seconds. As this is yoga meets HIIT, you will be warming up with some yoga moves

  • Day 20 - Yin Yoga For Sleep

    This practice is a beautiful practice to help nourish your joints, balance your body and to help you get really restful sleep, which as you know is essential for your health. So as you move through this practice focus on softening your body, deepening your breath and really relaxing into every pose

  • Day 21 - The Cardio Flow: Ab & Glute ...

    This video is an amped up cardio flow. This is going to be a yoga flow where you go through your sun salutations, but you're going to add some spice to them, so every time you go through a round of sun A or sun B you'll have a little moment to get a cardio or a fitness burst in there. This will h...