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Watch this video and more on Yoga Plus

30 Day Yoga For Weight Loss

Day 4 - Creating & Keeping Goals (Meditation)


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  • Day 5 - Energy & Motivation

    Physical activity increases circulation and releases endorphins which give you more stamina and energy. Over time, a habit of consistent physical exercise will strengthen your heart, and help you utilize oxygen more efficiently leading to more energy all the time!

  • Day 6 - Power Yoga HIIT Workout

    When you know you're short on time, focus on efficiency and intensity. Focus on the muscles of the metabolism (legs, glutes, chest) and incorporate intense bursts of work. Intensity and time are inversely related.

  • Day 7 - Rest & Recovery Flow

    Sometimes when we are stressed out the discomfort of exercise can feel a lot worse than it is. Essentially our fight or flight mode might be out of whack, and we're making mountains out of molehills because our nervous system is on hyperdrive. It's important to take time for gentle self-care prac...