Yoga For The Inflexible

Yoga For The Inflexible

4 Episodes

Do you feel like you're not flexible enough to do yoga? Then this series is for you! These beginner friendly videos start out with some easy to follow poses and flows that'll help get you and your body used to yoga.

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Yoga For The Inflexible
  • Beginners Energize

    Episode 1

    This flow is an energizing one, designed to get you revved up and ready to go

  • Beginner Spine

    Episode 2

    A flexible spine is essential for feeling healthy in your day to day life. Your spine supports your whole body and sitting all tensed up all day can lead to further problems, this quick easy routine will help you loosen up

  • Beginners Chest Shoulders

    Episode 3

    This video is for those of you who are feeling tight and tense in your shoulders and upper body.

  • Beginners Legs and Hips

    Episode 4

    This video is for people who think they're not flexible enough to do yoga. It doesn't matter if you have yoga experience or not, this is for total beginners