Yoga Calming Meditation

Yoga Calming Meditation

4 Episodes

Do you suffer from stress and anxiety? Most people do, and this series is perfect for helping alleviate some of those issues by combining breathing exercises, yoga and meditation for the ultimate stress relief.

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Yoga Calming Meditation
  • Breathing 1

    Episode 1

    In part 1 of the series Jess starts off with some breathing techniques to help ease anxiety and stress.

  • Breathing 2

    Episode 2

    Part 2 is more breathing exercises, more yoga and more meditation.

  • Breathing 3

    Episode 3

    Part 3 builds on the first 2 videos and offers another relaxing flow that will help ease your stress and should keep you focused and grounded for the whole day.

  • Meditation

    Episode 4

    Join Jess in this 15 minute guided meditation for reducing stress, anxiety and for improving overall wellbeing