Get Your Splits In 3 Easy Steps

Get Your Splits In 3 Easy Steps

Join Nico in this series designed to help you get your splits, these workouts will warm you up and get you feeling flexible.

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Get Your Splits In 3 Easy Steps
  • Splits Flexibility Workout

    Join Nico as she runs through some key exercises to open up your hip flexors and lengthen your hamstrings. This workout is perfect for dancers, gymnasts and anyone else that is looking to get their splits.

  • Stretches

    This quick 10 minute workout is all about stretching, you can do these exercises before or after your regular workout to warm up or cooldown your muscles

  • Splits Warm Up

    Join Nico as she shows you some exercises to help you get warmed up and ready to tackle the splits

  • Over Splits

    Join Nico in this video where she shows you how to do the over splits