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Watch this video and more on Yoga Plus

Day 27 - Power Yoga HIIT Workout, Endurance Intervals


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    Yin Yoga is modeled after the same meridian lines that you might work on in acupuncture. Today's video focuses on the liver and gallbladder meridians, that doesn't mean you'll be working on those organs specifically but you'll be working on those meridian lines. You'll also be working on stretchi...

  • Day 29 - Power Flow

    You're almost there, day 29! This one is a total body power flow, so everything is moving from head to toe. When you're doing yoga moves that incorporate the lower body as well as the upper body that increases your ability to burn calories and get your big muscles going, it's also great for your ...

  • Day 30 - Final Power Flow & HIIT

    You made it! Day 30! The final workout is a HIIT yoga fusion that you should be used to by now. You'll definitely feel the burn and afterwards you'll be feeling great!