10 Minute Bikini Body Workouts

10 Minute Bikini Body Workouts

34 Episodes

It's never too late to start working on your bikini body!
These quick high intensity workouts are perfect for those of you with little time, and the metabolism boosting exercises will still have you burning calories for 24-36 hours after the workout. This series is the ultimate weight loss blast!

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10 Minute Bikini Body Workouts
  • Creating Healthy Habits

    Episode 1

    You're almost at the finish line, stay focused, stay strong and remember the outcome that you want. In this short video Hannah shares some tips and advice on what to do if you are feeling tired, unmotivated or that you want to give up.

  • Day 22: HIIT Total Body Cardio Workout

    Episode 2

    Cardio is key for weight loss and this 10 minute workout is all about that. Coupled with some high intensity metabolism boosting moves this workout will ensure you're burning calories long after you've finished

  • Day 23: Slim Waist & Toned Glutes

    Episode 3

    In this short 10 minute workout you'll be strengthening & toning your glutes to help accentuate your slim waist

  • Day 24: 10 Minute HIIT Plank Variations for Core & Glutes

    Episode 4

    Join Hannah for this combo workout that targets both the core and the glutes. It's a HIIT workout so it's intense but power through and you'll feel the benefits all day long

  • Day 25: Glute Sculpting Challenge

    Episode 5

    This workout isn't for the faint hearted, it's high intensity and designed to leave you feeling the burn for maximum impact!

  • Day 26: Glute Shaping Workout

    Episode 6

    Join Hannah in this workout thats all about the glutes. starting with some mobility & glute activation followed by a strong HIIT flow you're really going to feel this one!

  • Day 27: Full Body Wall Workout

    Episode 7

    Today you'll be doing some complex movements to challenge your body and reengage your muscles in ways you never have before!

  • Day 28: Full Body Hourglass Workout

    Episode 8

    This workout is designed to help you get that perfect hourglass figure by working on the glutes and shoulders

  • Day 29: Powerful HIIT Core Workout

    Episode 9

    In this core workout Hannah demonstrates various core exercises with different difficulty levels, so you can come back over time and see how much stronger you're getting

  • Day 30: Fat Burning Total Body HIIT

    Episode 10

    In this video you'll be doing a total body sculpting blast. These are Hannah's favorite exercises to get the most out of your workout