Sports Massage A Beginner's Guide

Sports Massage A Beginner's Guide

3 Episodes

Join Jade Nelson in this sports massage series, where she demonstrates some simple and effective techniques to help you boost your massage practice and incorporate some new ideas for athletes.

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Sports Massage A Beginner's Guide
  • Sports Massage with Jade: Stretches!

    Episode 1

    Stretches are great for warming up the muscles before a big sporting event, and are also beneficial afterwards in the cool down period. In this video Jade shows you some essential stretches that you can easily incorporate into your massage routine

  • Sports Massage for the Back with Jade

    Episode 2

    Join LMT Jade Nelson in this video where she demonstrates invigorating sports massage techniques for the back and how to incorporate them into a full massage routine.

  • Sports Massage for Legs with Jade

    Episode 3

    In this video Jade focuses on the legs and feet, and shows you some techniques that are perfect for cyclists, runners, football players and more!