Fit & Flexible Challenge - Dani Nicole

Fit & Flexible Challenge - Dani Nicole

3 Episodes

Join Dani for this 3 part series on getting fit and building flexibility. In these workouts she'll be showing you some great exercises that will all build up to the 3 challenges: backbends, splits & handstands. Can you keep up?

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Fit & Flexible Challenge - Dani Nicole
  • Fit & Flex: Backbend

    Episode 1

    Part 1 kicks off the series with some exercises to get you warmed up and ready to conquer the backbend

  • Fit & Flex: Splits

    Episode 2

    Part is all about the splits. Dani walks you through some stretches you can do every day to slowly build up your flexibility and eventually get your splits.

  • Fit & Flex: Handstand

    Episode 3

    Part 3 is all about building that upper body strength and balance for handstands