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Chakra Balancing Season 2

Chakra Balancing Season 2

7 Episodes

Join Julia Jarvis for season 2 of her chakra balacing program where she dives into each chakra in more depth and teaches you about how to balance them.

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Chakra Balancing Season 2
  • Root Chakra

    Episode 1

    The root chakra represents our foundation and feeling of being grounded. It's located in the base of our spine around the tailbone area. It governs base survival needs such as money and food.

  • Sacral Chakra

    Episode 2

    The sacral chakra is all about our connection and ability to accept others and new experiences. It's located in the lower abdomen around the navel. It governs our sense of abundance, well being, pleasure and sexuality.

  • Solar Plexus Chakra

    Episode 3

    The solar plexus chakra speaks to your ability to be confident and in control of your life. It's located in the upper abdomen around the stomach area. It governs your self worth, self confidence and self esteem.

  • Heart Chakra

    Episode 4

    The heart chakra can influence our ability to love. It's located in the center of your chest just above the heart. It governs love, joy and inner peace.

  • Throat Chakra

    Episode 5

    The throat chakra controls our ability to communicate. It's located in our throat and it governs communication, self expression of feelings and the truth

  • Third Eye Chakra

    Episode 6

    The third eye chakra speaks to our ability to see the big picture. It's located on the forehead between the eyes. It governs intuition, imagination, wisdom and the ability to think and make decisions.

  • Crown Chakra

    Episode 7

    The crown chakra, the highest chakra, represents our ability to be fully connected spiritually. It's located at the very top of the head and it governs our inner and outer beauty, our connection to spirituality and pure bliss.