Total Body Shred - 4 Fat Burning Workouts

Total Body Shred - 4 Fat Burning Workouts

4 Episodes

Join Dani for this intense weight loss & fitness series designed to leave you feeling the burn!

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Total Body Shred - 4 Fat Burning Workouts
  • Full Body Restorative Workout

    Episode 1

    If you're a beginner this is a great workout to get started with, and if you're more advanced this is going to be a great addition to your workout. This will help with mobility, flexibility and will keep you nice and loose, as well as repair and restore your full body.

  • Leg & Glute Workout

    Episode 2

    This is a 10 minute cardio workout targeting the legs and glutes.

  • Intense Core Workout

    Episode 3

    Blast your belly fat with this workout targeted at the core muscles, specifically the abs and obliques

  • Strength & Cardio Workout

    Episode 4

    Part 4 is a 20 minute cardio workout for weight loss and strength, this workout is for the whole body and should help improve your overall fitness.