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Massage & Happiness

Massage & Happiness

14 Episodes

Join Melissa LaMunyon in this massage series where she shows you some basic massage techniques and shares some soft spoken tips for happiness and good well being

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Massage & Happiness
  • Softly Spoken Back Massage Tutorial with Melissa

    Episode 1

    Melissa teaches how to give a massage with healthy posture, how to use your body weight for leverage to avoid fatigue and pain for massage therapists.

  • Back Massage & Soft Spoken Health Tips w/ Melissa

    Episode 2

    Melissa gives Adrienne a relaxing back massage while she speaks softly about her favorite health tips for improving digestion and how the gut affects our happiness.

  • The Power of Leg Massage with Melissa

    Episode 3

    Join Licensed Massage Therapist Melissa LaMunyon in this relaxing video where she shows you how to give a leg massage.

  • Rituals for Happiness, Face Massage w/ Melissa

    Episode 4

    Melissa gives a softly spoken, relaxing face, scalp & chest massage while she discusses four rituals for reduced stress & improved happiness.

  • Decision Making Tips & Leg Massage with Melissa

    Episode 5

    In this massage & happiness video, Melissa demonstrates a relaxing leg massage while she discusses how decision making affects our stress levels.

  • More on Happiness Rituals + Leg Massage w/ Melissa

    Episode 6

    Melissa demonstrates a leg massage using some Thai massage techniques while she continues her discussion on the four rituals for improved happiness.

  • Melissa's Happiness Philosophy + Back Massage

    Episode 7

    Licensed Massage Therapist Melissa demonstrates a relaxing back massage while she discusses her personal favorite philosophies for improved happiness.

  • Face & Chest Massage + Happiness Tips with Melissa

    Episode 8

    In this video Melissa demonstrates some relaxing massage techniques for the scalp, face & chest while sharing some of her favorite tips and tricks for happiness.

  • Back Massage + Happiness Meditation with Melissa

    Episode 9

    Licensed Massage Therapist Melissa demonstrates a soothing back massage while she guides you through a soft-spoken, healing, relaxation meditation.

  • Potent & Effective Massage Techniques with Melissa

    Episode 10

    Licensed Massage Therapist Melissa demonstrates how to give a potent, effective & relaxing back massage.

  • Immune Support Chest & Head Massage Tutorial

    Episode 11

    Join Melissa in this follow along head & chest massage tutorial for immune system support. These techniques can be done with a partner or easily modified for you to do on yourself.

  • Low Back Pain Relief Techniques with Melissa

    Episode 12

    Licensed Massage Therapist Melissa discusses & demonstrates massage techniques for treating and relieving low back pain.

  • Foot Massage Tutorial for Cold & Flu Relief

    Episode 13

    Melissa demonstrates how to give a foot massage to someone who's not feeling well, along with discussing how to keep a healthy immune system throughout the winter season.

  • Best Ways to Prevent Back Pain! Melissa's Tips

    Episode 14

    In this video Licensed Massage Therapist Melissa shares her favorite tips and stretches you can do at home to prevent back pain.