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Health: Recklessly Abandoned

Health: Recklessly Abandoned

6 Episodes

Join Corrina as she interviews clinical nutritionist Dr Vincent Belonzi about many issues surrounding weight loss, fake foods and the health industry.

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Health: Recklessly Abandoned
  • Blaming Genetics For Health Problems

    Episode 1

    Join Corrina & Dr. Belonzi as they discuss the role genetics play in your health

  • 5 Habits That Destroy Your Health

    Episode 2

    This video narrows down many bad habits to the top 5 that you really should avoid in order to save your health.

  • Are You Eating Fake Food?

    Episode 3

    In this video Corrina and Dr Belonzi discuss exactly what 'real foods' are and how to avoid 'fake foods'

  • Truth About Grains And Gluten

    Episode 4

    Are grains a healthy source of nutrients or should we avoid them?

  • Weight Loss Industry Lies

    Episode 5

    In this video Corrina and Dr Belonzi talk about what is wrong with the weight loss industry

  • Why Health Care Fails

    Episode 6

    In this episode Corrina & Dr Belonzi discuss the state of health and disease in the United States.