Food Industry Exposed

Food Industry Exposed

10 Episodes

Join Corrina in this eye opening series where she discusses some of the dark secrets hidden in popular foods

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Food Industry Exposed
  • WTF Is In A Big Mac?!

    Episode 1

    Do you know what's in a Big Mac?

  • Healthy Beverages

    Episode 2

    In this video Corrina looks at beverages that claim to be healthy or beverages that everyone assumes to be healthy to find out the truth

  • Is Candy Good For You?

    Episode 3

    Apparently according to a recent study adults and children are less likely to be obese if they eat candy.

  • Healthy Foods That Aren't Healthy

    Episode 4

    In this video Corrina looks at foods that claim to be healthy or foods that everyone assumes to be healthy that actually aren't

  • Worst Foods At Wendys

    Episode 5

    Just what are the worst foods at Wendys? Corrina counts down the top 10 worst

  • Worst Starbucks Drinks

    Episode 6

    Do you know how much sugar is in your Starbucks order??

  • Designer Foods

    Episode 7

    Are junk foods designed to be addictive? Are they designed to keep you hungry and cause you to over eat? If so is this the reason America's obesity rate has doubled in the last 10 years?

  • Mountain Dew

    Episode 8

    In this video Corrina addresses the acidity of soda drinks and discusses the lawsuit on Mountain Dew after one person found a dead rat in their drink

  • Wendy's Fries

    Episode 9

    What do breast implants, microchips, a spaceshuttle, silly putty and Wendy's natural cut french fries all have in common?

  • Which Foods Are GMO's?

    Episode 10

    What are GMO's? Do the foods you're eating contain GMO's?