• Fast Fat Burning Cardio

    1 season

    Join Dani in this fat burning high intensity series. These short workouts are guaranteed to get you shedding weight and sweating.

  • Total Body Shred - 4 Fat Burning Workouts

    1 season

    Join Dani for this intense weight loss & fitness series designed to leave you feeling the burn!

  • Full Body Pilates Total Body Fitness & Weight Loss

    1 season

    Join Kait in this beginners Full Body Pilates series. These workouts focus on weight loss, muscle toning, core stability and improving your overall fitness and health.

  • Total Body Weight Loss Challenge

    1 season

    Join Dani for this 4 part series guaranteed to have you shedding pounds in no time! These workouts are intense and target all areas of the body for maximum weight loss and toning. These workouts are suitable for everyone, no matter your fitness level.

  • HIIT Full Body Workout

    1 season

    Join Dani & Demetrius in this intense HIIT series, these cardio heavy workouts will have you sweating and shedding pounds in no time.

  • 10 Minute Tighten & Tone

    1 season

    Join Danielle in this fast full body fitness series. These 10 minute workouts are great for weight loss and building stamina.

  • Body By Becca - Body Sculpting Weight Loss

    2 seasons

    This yoga series is perfect for weight loss and body toning, the exercises are cardio intensive and will have you shedding pounds in no time.

  • Full Body Fitness

    1 season

    Full Body Fitness is a series designed to build strength, increase power, enhance endurance, and burn calories for maximum slimming results.

  • Boot Camp Intense Cardio Workouts

    1 season

    Jump on the fast track to weight loss with these exercises designed to get you fighting fit in no time