Booty Toning Yoga Workout

Booty Toning Yoga Workout

3 Episodes

Join Jess in this yoga series for booty toning and glute strengthening. These workouts can be done separately out of order, or all together if you want the maximum effect.

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Booty Toning Yoga Workout
  • Glutes Part 1

    Episode 1

    Join Jess in part 1 of her booty toning series, aimed to help you build strength in your glutes and tone those muscles

  • Glutes Part 2

    Episode 2

    Don't worry if you haven't seen part 1 these videos can be viewed in any order and can be used as solo workouts on their own.

  • Glutes Part 3

    Episode 3

    Part 3 is another booty toning workout that will really leave you feeling the burn