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Advanced Flexibility With Yiana

Advanced Flexibility With Yiana

6 Episodes

Ready to up your flexibility game? Trying to master your crow pose? Struggling with backbends? Yiana has the answer! Join her for this series where she shares some tips and tricks that will bring your yoga practice to the next level.

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Advanced Flexibility With Yiana
  • Heart Opening Vinyasa Flow

    Episode 1

    Sitting hunched over a computer or a steering wheel all day can leave you feeling tight and tense, this flow can help you loosen up and heart opening is essential if you want to advance your flexibility practice. A lot of the poses you get into require you to be loose and pliable.

  • Challenge Your Balance & Equilibrium

    Episode 2

    Join Yiana in this class where you'll be finding and challenging your balance. Balancing postures are great for the equilibrium receptors in the brain which work to align the left and right side of the body and bring them into one whole center.

  • Camel Pose Challenge - Opening The Back & Side Body

    Episode 3

    Back bends don't just help with flexibility and getting into harder poses (like Camel Pose) they also help open the chest and shoulders as well as help in correcting posture

  • Dancer Pose Challenge

    Episode 4

    In this flow you'll be working on your flexibility, opening the back body and working on the hamstrings and shoulders in preparation for dancer pose

  • Crow Pose Challenge - Arm Balance & Core Awareness

    Episode 5

    This flow is all about getting your crow pose! Yiana has some great preparation poses and stretches to share with you as well as starting you off with baby crow pose before you move on crow pose

  • Shoulder Stand Challenge- Engaging the Bandhas

    Episode 6

    Shoulder stands are great for circulating the blood because you're put in a position that is the opposite of what you're doing all day, it also calms the sympathetic nervous system and is great for fatigue