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Day 2: Sun Salutation A for Energy & Flexibility

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Day 1: Learning the Basics (Melt Away Stress)

30 Days of Yoga, Season 1, Episode 1 – 24m

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  • Day 2: Sun Salutation A for Energy & ...

    Sun Salutations help to awaken the body & improve flexibility. This video will teach you how to move through this sequence at the difficulty level that's right for you.

  • Day 3: Essential Poses for Glutes, Hi...

    Chair & Warrior Poses in Sun Salutation B are great for the legs and butt, to build muscle strength & improve flexibility. This is a relaxing class to help you feel calm and peaceful.

  • Day 4: Unlocking Your Flexibility & C...

    If you're feeling sore from Days 1-3, this video will help you relieve that tension as you work on flexibility & mobility. This class will help you work toward the splits and teaches an essential secret for unlocking flexibility & confidence.

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