30 Days of Yoga

30 Days of Yoga

15 Episodes

Join Jess in this 30 days of yoga challenge, starting with the basics and moving up to more advanced flows, with certain days dedicated to specific poses to help you get the most out of your practice.


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30 Days of Yoga
  • Day 1: Foundational Poses

    Episode 1

    Day one breaks down some foundational postures and poses that are essential for everyday yoga practice

  • Day 2: Sun Salutations A

    Episode 2

    This video builds on part 1 with some more foundational poses that then move into sun salutation A

  • Day 3: Sun Salutations B

    Episode 3

    Day 3 is moves into some more foundational postures with sun salutation B

  • Day 4: Flexibility

    Episode 4

    You may be feeling a little sore from the first 3 videos in this series, this video address those areas where you might be having some issues and is more of a stretching rest day that should help your mobility

  • Day 5: Power Yoga

    Episode 5

    Day 5 jumps right back into the foundational poses with a slightly more advanced flow to help you move up to the next level

  • Day 6: Eagle Pose

    Episode 6

    Day 6 focuses on the eagle pose. The eagle pose is good for opening up the shoulders, working on your balance, strengthening the ankles and improving overall joint health

  • Day 7: Digestion & Detox

    Episode 7

    Digestion can be a tricky issue, in this video Jess has some poses you can do to help reducing bloating, flatulence and get everything working smoothly

  • Day 8: Focus & Balance

    Episode 8

    The last 7 videos mainly focus on the physical body, this video brings it back to the mind, as it is such an integral part of our overall wellness. The poses in this video should help you achieve a calm and peaceful mind

  • Day 9: Triangle Pose

    Episode 9

    Day 9 is all about the triangle pose and this flow has a lot of core strengthening and back strengthening to get the maximum benefit out of this essential posture

  • Day 10: Flow & Integrate

    Episode 10

    Day 10 takes all the postures you have learnt in the previous videos and helps you integrate it into a nice strong flow

  • Day 11: Hips & Center Splits

    Episode 11

    This video is a continuation of day 4 and should help you open up your hips and boost your flexibility

  • Day 12: Backbends

    Episode 12

    Day 12 focuses on backbends, if you struggle with this one go back and see day 4 and day 10 to build up your flexibility more

  • Day 13: Yin Yang

    Episode 13

    The past few videos in this series have been tough ones, day 13 is more of a restorative rest day and focuses on your mind and grounding yourself in the here and now for a more clear head

  • Day 14: Headstands

    Episode 14

    Day 14 moves onto a more advanced move: headstands. Don't panic though, this video moves slow and will guide you through every step

  • Day 15: Balance Challenge

    Episode 15

    Day 15, halfway there, this episode has some postures to help improve your balance and get you feeling more confident with some of the standing poses